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Server: ShadowMU
Version: Season IV
Experience: Max
Drops: 100%
Monster HP: 100%
Max Online: 500
Last DB: 28-November-2008

ShadowMu PvP: Online


ShadowMU FAQ

1.What is max stats?

2.How do I warp to Barracks?
/Warp Barracks

3.How do I add points?
ex: /addstr 1000

4.How do I create lvl 3 Wings?
1 Creation, 1 Chaos, 10 Soul, 10 Bless, 1 Feather of Condor, 1 Flame of Condor, Item Exe+9

5.Why did the items in my vault disappear?
Check your vault before buying from webshop, never keep items at the top of your vault.

6.How can I repair the Fenrir?
Feed it Jewel of Bless.

7.ShadowMU is very laggy / screen is black / ShadowMU freezes. What's wrong?
Download the newest video card drivers, then new version of Direct X.

8.How to trade with other players?
Press 'D' to open up the Command Menu, and click Trade then right click on the player. Same goes for the other commands.

9.What is Chaos Weapons?
Chaos Dragon Axe, Chaos Nature Bow, Chaos Lightning Staff.

10.How can i clear my PK in the game not on the website?

11.How can i repair my sword if i put seed ice item strengthener+30% on it?
Take the sword off, put it in inventory, then repair it.

12.Where i can find skills for Dark Lord (DL)?
CryWolf Shop

13.How can i reset my char?
Go to website, log in and reset. Make sure you are level 400.

14.How can i join to Devil Square, Blood Castle, Illusion Temple event?
Buy the Devil's Invitation ( take it to charon in Noria), Cloak of Invisibility (take it to Archangel in Devias 1 Church, Illusion entrance ticket ( take it to Mirage in Lorencia).

15.How can i play ShadowMu in windowmode?
Look for winmode.reg file on the Internet.

16.How can i upgrade master skills?
Reach level 400, then keep killing monsters for Master Experience.

17.How can i put my skills on my skill bar?And how can i put my potions on my potions bar?
Use Ctrl+0,1,2,3,4 for skills, Ctrl+ Q,W,E,R for potions.

18.Where can I find NPC Marlon?
Lorencia (137,82), Noria (169, 89), Devias (198,47) and Atlans (17,25).

19.How can i find jewel of harmony?And where i can find gemstone?
Gemstones can be found in Kantru and Barracks, Jewel of Harmony is obtained from them in Kantru Tower (141,186).

20.Where can i find items acc?
Kalima 6, Lost Tower 1, 3, 7 (Kundun).

21.How to make seeds?
You need Jewel of Creation, Jewel of Harmony, Jewel of Chaos, Excellent Item+4, Acc item+4.Combine them in Lorencia, near fountain.

22.How can i do quest lvl 2 and 3?

23.Where is the golden spawn?
Tarkan, Noria, Lorencia, Atlans, Devias.

24.How can i make wings lvl 1 and 2?
For level 1, use 1 Jewel of Chaos + Chaos Weapon( look in BOK+3 from Lorencia Shop for exe Chaos Dragon Axe).
For level 2, use the level 1 wings+4+4additional + Jewel of Chaos + Loch's Feather (Crest of Monarch for Cape).

25.Where i can find the ingredients to make Dark Horse and Dark Raven?
Basically everywhere. Go to Lorencia Pet Trainer with a Raven Spirit and Dark Horse Spirit.

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