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Server: ShadowMU
Version: Season IV
Experience: Max
Drops: 100%
Monster HP: 100%
Max Online: 500
Last DB: 28-November-2008

ShadowMu PvP: Online

25 Sep 2015

Server is back online with the new update!

Please run ShadowMU.exe to update your client else some of the changes will not be visible!

- chat restrictions bug fixed ("Pwned by the filter" thing);
- /addcom fix (for dark lord characters);
- /msreset - Master Skill Tree reset command (so you will be able to reorganize your skill tree);
- fixed a bug that didn't allowed players to sell items to shop, trade or sell them via Personal Store

If you got bug reports and suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us!

24 Sep 2015

We got a server & client update on hold but due to Facebook outage we will postpone it for tomorrow. The update includes:
- chat restrictions bug fixed ("Pwned by the filter" thing);
- /addcom fix (for dark lord characters);
- Master Skill Tree reset command (so you will be able to reorganize your skill tree);
- fixed a bug that didn't allowed players to sell items to shop, trade or sell them via Personal Store

Beside those things we would like to inform you that [MM]Savior is no longer a member of ShadowMU Staff because his name was associated with items robbery recently.

This update will arrive tomorrow, if you get problems in-game please don't hesitate to contact us!

21 Sep 2015

!!! WARNING !!!

If you ever told your password to anyone PLEASE CHANGE IT NOW. Your password should be A SECRET! Staff members DON'T need your password!

If a staff member asks you for your password please REPORT IT!

We will not restore any account if you shared you password! Trust me that we have logs for everything happening in the game and on website.

12 Sep 2015

Please notice that we don't allow selling anything related to ShadowMU for real money! Buying or selling for real money will lead to PERMANENT ACCOUNT BAN for BOTH SELLER AND BUYER. Auxiliary accounts will be banned too. If you got information about that kind of transactions please report them!

08 Sep 2015

Over 40 accounts has been rewarded for playing the beta version of Season 6 (before the official launch). They all received 1500 in-game shop coins. To access the shop press X while you are in town (non-attacking area).

07 Sep 2015

The maintenance is over, server is back online!


- invisible items (please report if you still have this problem)
- already connected bug fixed
- quest items drop rate was greatly increased (hunting them should not take more than 1-2 minutes)
- zen drop was adjusted
- fixed some quest issues for 3rd class
- if your client crash or your internet connection drop while you are inside an event you have the possibility to resume that event if you connect back immediately
- server capacity increased as our first server was full 2 days in a row
- some stability fixes

Additional info about quest items (maps where you can hunt them):
- Scroll of Emperor: Lost Tower, Atlans, Dungeon
- Broken Sword, Tear of Elf, Soul of Wizard, Abyssal Eye: Lost-Tower 7, Atlans 2, Tarkan
- Ring of Honor, Dark Stone: Tarkan, Icarus, Aida, Kanturu, Land of Trials, Crywolf
- Flame of Death Beam Knight: Tarkan 2 monster Death Beam Knight
- Horn of Hell Maine: Aida 2 monster Hell Maine
- Feather of Phoenix of Darkness: Icarus monster Phoenix of Darkness

30 Aug 2015

- added /resetpk command for players
- added /clearinventory command for players
- fixed Personal Store visual bug in client (run ShadowMU.exe to update the client)

!!! WARNING !!!
/clearinventory command will delete all items in your inventory! This action can't be undone so if you accidentally delete your items we will not restore them!!
!!! WARNING !!!

29 Aug 2015

Server is back online!

- invalid account problem fixed
- all character received an inventory expansion
- all socket items were fixed (please check them and report any problem as soon as possible)
- all missing items from personal store were restored (you will find them in the first inventory expansion slot)
- /post price was set to 800,000 zen (old price 5,000,000)
- chaos machine rates were adjusted:
* +10 = 95% (+20% luck)
* +11 = 85% (+20% luck)
* +12 = 80% (+20% luck)
* +13 = 70% (+20% luck)
* +14 = 60% (+20% luck)
* +15 = 50% (+20% luck)
The real rate of +15 upgrade for an item with luck option is 70%. This rate can be increased further by using the "Talisman of Luck".

Thanks for you patience!

If you get anymore problems please report them so we can fix everything as soon as possible!

29 Aug 2015

Today at 17:00 (server's time) is scheduled a maintenance of 1 hour.

- fix socket items (missing options, wrongs options, downgraded items)
- restore personal store items from season 4
- adjust chaos machine rates
- adjust /post price

28 Aug 2015

We are aware of a visual bugs with socket items (don't show socket options or show bad options). Also we know about missing store items. Those bugs will be fixed within following days!

Don't worry, you will not lose any item!

27 Aug 2015

ShadowMU Season 4 will be closed today at 20:30 (server's time) in order to finish the transfer to Season 6. More details will be posted soon on our official website ( and on our facebook page (

17 Jul 2015

[RECRUIT] We are looking for 3 new GameMasters. For more details please check our facebook page:!

23 Dec 2014

Our Christmas gift for ShadowMU players will be a Kundun spawn event as many of you are looking for good items.

The event will be held tomorrow, 24 December 2014 at 20:00 GMT +02:00 (server's time, you can see it on our website or in-game by typing /time in chat).

The event will work like this: for every 3 players present there we will spawn 1 Kundun. Who kill him will take the reward if he wants it. ALL KUNDUNS WILL BE SPAWNED AT THE SAME TIME.

PVP is forbidden during this event. Who kill other players will be banned for 1 week.

We do allow parties!

The event will be held in Devias (Church).

The more players will participate the more rewards there will be so bring your friends tomorrow at 20:00 at Devias Church and hunt the Kunduns!

Nuestro regalo de Navidad para los jugadores de ShadowMU sera un evento de spawn de Kunduns.

El evento sera manana, el 24 Diciembre 2014 a las 20:00 GMT +02:00 ( tiempo de server, lo pueden ver en el website o en el juego si escriben /time en chat).

El evento funcionara asi: por cada 3 jugadores nostros haremos 1 Kundun spawn. El que mata el Kundun tomara los itemes. Todos los Kundun seran spawneados al mismo tiempo.

No es permitido matarse en este evento . Los que matan a otros seran baneados por 1 semana.

Party es permitido!

El evento sera en Devias (Iglesia).

Si hay mas jugadores, mas Kunduns seran, inviten a sus amigos manana a las 20:00 en la Iglesia de Devias y cazan los Kundun!

25 Mar 2014

We want to inform our players that if they sell or buy in-game items or accounts for real money we will permanently ban both seller and buyer.
Also we will not provide any support for illegally traded/shared items or accounts, you are the only one responsible for your items and account information. We will give support only in case of server or staff side fault!

Have fun and stay away from scammers!

06 Aug 2013

ShadowMU will be offline for almost 2 weeks because of server's instability. We will be back in 2 weeks with some stability updates (freeze fix, item disappear fix) and some website fixes.

Please check our facebook page for news!

NOTE: The database WILL NOT be deleted/wiped. You will continue with same characters and items!

25 Dec 2012

Voting reward system gives you now 50% more credits for each vote.
This increase will be available on 25,26,27,28,31 December and 1st January.

Server updates
- skills order save fixed
- speedhack restrictions applied
- webshop prices recalculated
- added Jewel of Creation for 500 credits on webshop

El sistemo de voto da 50% mas creditos por cada voto.
Oferta para 25,26,27,28,31 Diciembre y 1 Enero.

Updates del server
- la orden de skills arreglada
- restrictiones de speedhack aplicados
- los precios del webshop fueron recalculados
- agregado Jewel Of Creation con el precio de 500 creditos en el webshop

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